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For over 40 years the MIT Scuba Club brought together divers affiliated with the Boston area higher education. A student-run organization loosely affiliated with the MIT scuba program, the club provided a relaxing environment for the MIT community to explore the aquatic realm with fellow scuba enthusiasts. The club organized local weekend dives, dive travel, training, lectures and educational events, BBQ meetups, gear rental and exchange.

Sadly, as of 2019, the club is no longer functioning due to lack of volunteers to fill the needed officer roles. The club will remain in hibernation until interested divers step forward to continue the club’s mission. The general interest mailing list is still available to all, as well as the cave diving mailing list for advanced divers (see mailing lists section for details).

If you are a current MIT student and willing to help revive the club by taking on a leadership role, please contact to connect with former club officers. The process of restarting the organization will involve applying for recognition with the ASA. We will be glad to provide information, advice, and support you in any way that we can.

FAQ: How Can I Get Open Water Certified?

Open Water certification training is available through MIT's Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation (DAPER). The class is listed as PE.0201 Aquatics - Scuba Diving in the MIT Physical Education course catalog and costs $350. Enrollment is lottery based.

Additional open water certification courses are offered by the local dive stores:

Mailing Lists

General List

The MIT Scuba Club mailing list ( is open to all divers affiliated with MIT and other local area higher education instutitions.

Cave Diving

A separate mailing list has been established for all affiliated divers interested in learning about cave diving and participating in cave diving related activities.